Soya Products

We are the largest manufacturers and suppliers of different types of Soya Foods Products.Soyabean is one of the very few plants that endow with high quality protein. Soya help people feel healthier and live longer with an improved quality of life. Soya contains all the three macronutrients essential for good nutrition, as well as vitamins, fiber, minerals. Soya protein provides all the basics amino acids in the amount required for human health. Soyabeans have almost 40% protein, making soyabeans higher in protein than any other legumes and numerous animal products. Protein in just 250 grams of soya is equal to protein in 3 liters of milk or 1 kg of mutton or 24 eggs. The superiority soya protein is nearly equivalent in quality to that of milk & egg protein. Soya protein has more than two times the quantity of most of the minerals, chiefly phosphorus, calcium zinc and iron, than any other legume and very little sodium content. Soya has all the significant vitamins and is a very excellent resource for B complex vitamins and vitamins E. Soya is a tremendous source of dietary fiber with both soluble and insoluble fiber. Soluble fiber may help lesser serum cholesterol and control blood sugar. Insoluble fiber increase stool bulk & it may prevent colon cancer and can assist alleviate symptoms of some digestive disorders. Include soymilk and tofu in various delicious recipes in your daily diet and enjoy the proven health benefits of soy. While a whole range of recipes is available for this miracle food of the new millennium, you can use your own culinary skills and imagination to develop foods and beverages fit for your own family and friends. Use soymilk and tofu frequently to minimize the risk of fatal diseases of the modern age




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